Thanks, (For Nothing) Antonin Scalia, You Statist SOB!

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Armatix GmbH, a German company, has a personalized gun it hopes to put on the market in the U.S. this year. The gun will only shoot if it’s in range of a radio device which carries the owner’s biometric data.

I hope they spend a lot of money on it and get it on the market soon.  Let the market tell them what something like this is worth.  Like I said before.  When hell freezes over.

But, see, Herschel, they have no intention of “letting the market tell them what it is worth.”  The essential nature of the statist cabal now in control of our governance is to sidestep or control the market whenever it might conflict with or otherwise impede the goals and wishes of the state.

What market forces will work to reject smart guns if their sale and use is mandated by the state?  Thanks to the insane Scalia Dicta in Heller, the way lies wide open for the state to mandate pretty much whatever it wants in terms of applying conditions and qualifications on the sale of arms: conditions and qualifications like “the only sort of firearms you will be allowed to buy or sell will be smart guns.”

District of Columbia v. Heller – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.

Lower courts are already using the Scalia Dicta to dismiss challenge after challenge to blatant infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.  The dicta dealing with felons and carry rules have been getting all the publicity, but it’s that final instruction regarding commercial sales that worries me the most, because it permits all sorts of restrictions on the kinds of firearms Americans can own.  This threat will remain unless and until a case reaches SCOTUS that results in some further clarification of these cognitively dissonant dicta. But absent that happening, it’s difficult to imagine that Americans will ever be able to enjoy robust Second Amendment rights.

Smart guns may be a dumb idea, but if our statist masters want them, what choice do we have other than submission to their will?

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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    • I assume they’ll give you death, or at least try to.

      My strategy for that time, should it come, is to try to take as many of them with me as I can. For the children of the future, who may end up with a more free society thanks to the sacrifices of those resisting tyranny today, just as the Founders bequeathed liberty to their children, knowing full well they would most likely end up trading it for security.

      As they did, although it took them nearly two hundred years to run out of liberties to trade.

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