Why Romney, But Not Christie? And Vice-Versa

CPAC source: Christie wasn’t invited this year because he has a “limited future” in the GOP; Update: Sandy relief and Medicaid? « Hot Air

Hard to argue with that assessment today of all days, but … Mitt Romney’s also been invited this year. The future doesn’t get any more limited than that.

Also, since when is one’s prospects in the GOP a litmus test for whether you’re CPAC-worthy or not? Every time someone objects to GOProud’s exclusion, the rejoinder inevitably comes that it’s the “Conservative Political Action Conference,” not the “Republican Political Action Conference.” Okay, in that case, who cares about Christie’s future in the GOP? Either his ideas are conservative enough or they aren’t.

Verdict: They aren’t.

Well, of course they aren’t. And that is a perfectly good reason for declining to invite him to a conservative political clambake. I wish CPAC had enough stones to simply come out and admit it.

Of course, if they did so, they would then have to explain why they did invite a washed-up liberal RINO like Mitt Romney. In other words, my take is that Christie personally managed to piss off the CPAC leadership, but Romney didn’t. Conservatism probably has zero to do with the cognitive dissonance here.

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Why Romney, But Not Christie? And Vice-Versa — 2 Comments

  1. Conservatives are a dying force. They don’t make allies.

    BTW since you are keeping up with CPAC are they discussing Colorado and Washington with respect to States rights? The future of Conservatism? The future of Republicans. Or are they like Net Right Daily – head in the sand – never covered the issue. I did a search about a month ago on the site. Nothing.

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