How To Boil a Froggy Chump: Quicker Than You Might Assume

Poll: France’s Socialist president now the least popular in thirty years « The Greenroom

It would appear that leading by waving the banner of populism won’t necessarily make you popular. C’est bizarre, non?

Ten months into his mandate, President Francois Hollande scored the worst of any French president since 1981 in the TNS Sofres poll for Le Figaro magazine released on Thursday as he struggles to spur economic growth and create jobs.

Socialist voters who propelled Hollande to the presidency in May 2012 are now questioning his government’s handling of an economy teetering near recession, a series of industrial layoffs and joblessness at a 15-year high.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for the idiotic Froggy chumps who voted this disaster into office merely ten months ago? What did they think they were getting?

Oh, what am I saying?

They are Frog voters. Like American voters, in fact like most voters anywhere, they didn’t think at all. Too much work, and much of that work intellectually beyond most of them.

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