Saucy Goosy Gander: It’s What’s For Dinner – Along With Crow

The White House Is Right, Bob Woodward Will Probably ‘Regret This’ | Mediaite

When the White House decided to go to war with another reporting outlet – Fox News – few fellow journalists vocally objected. The nation’s ethicists were silent. If Woodward thinks his own stature will force the media to abstain from indulging in their reflexive instinct to protect the White House, he will find he has miscalculated.

Yes, absolutely.

In fact, when the White House and its gang of thugs went so openly and nakedly to war with Fox News, I don’t recall Woodward leaping to the defense of his fellow journalists, either.

Of course, since FOX wasn’t entirely in the tank for leftism, Woodward probably didn’t consider them journalists in the first place, and certainly not journalists worth defending.

Sauce, meet goose. Some gander coming right up!

No, I don’t have a hell of a lot of sympathy for the likes of Bob Woodward, who has stayed resolutely silent while the left came for everybody else. Only when their thugs arrived at his door was he moved to protest.  So, you know, fuck him and his journalistic integrity.

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