Obama Buttboytoys: May I Please Have Another, Master? It Hurts So Good….

Woodward’s Basic Point Still Holds: The Woodward, Sperling emails revealed – Riehl World News

You can read all of it via the Politico link below. I don’t care how the media seeks to spin this in the WH’s best interests, the simple point Woodward made holds. Sperling went to some length to intimidate Woodward and influence the coverage and it’s reasonable to assume he does likewise with greater effect to the many DC media upstarts now passing themselves off as journalists.

Oh, I don’t think there is any doubt about that at all.

However: In so many cases – the “DC fanboy toys” to whom Dan refers – don’t really need to be threatened in order to elicit the sort of journalistic “coverage” the Obama administration and its gang of thuglike enforcers require. In fact, a great part of their daily task is striving to determine exactly how the administration would like the news of the day massaged, and precisely what sort of propaganda the administration would like these hacks to push.

In other words, when you are an Obama buttboytoy, you live to serve. The beatings are only an orgasmic bonus.

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Obama Buttboytoys: May I Please Have Another, Master? It Hurts So Good…. — 2 Comments

  1. Okay, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Somebody connected to the Ogabelini Misadministration is threatening Bob Woodward? Bob Woodward? The guy behind the original investigation of Watergate, and who therefore already has one fallen Presidency to his credit? For reporting something that would appear to be true and irrefutable?

    That’s galactic-level stupidity right there. That’s stupidity on the same order as throwing stones at a hive of killer bees.

  2. Woodward only started the ball rolling on Watergate. Other press (notably the New York Times) and Congress carried the investigation to the point where Nixon was forced from office.

    So long as the rest of the press and Congress behave as they’re doing now, Obama could have Woodward publicly flogged and it would make no difference.

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