Obama Deliberately Enriching Muslim Terrorists At the Expense of the American People

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Or what about the recent run-up in gas prices? In his State of the Union speech, Obama claimed that “We buy … less foreign oil than we have in 20.” It took a British publication, the Financial Times, to point to the disingenuousness of that claim, and to note that the situation has serious potential for bad economic and geopolitical consequences:

By the end of November the US had already imported more than 450m (million) barrels of crude from Saudi Arabia, more than it imported from Riyadh in the whole of 2009, 2010 or 2011, according to figures from the US energy department. For the first time since 2003, Saudi imports accounted for more than 15 per cent of total US oil imports. The Gulf as a whole accounted for more than 25 per cent, a nine-year high. Other Gulf exporters are also seeing unusually strong US demand. By the end of November, Kuwait had shipped more oil to the US than in any year since 1998.

Last time I checked, these countries were not automatically inclined to be our friends, especially given how the “Arab Spring” is devolving into a tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and potentially elsewhere. Meanwhile, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is still 15 percent below where it was when the Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred, thanks almost entirely to the Obama administration’s deliberately slow permit approval process. If U.S. production were higher, the barrel price of oil and gas prices at the pump, both very inelastic goods, would be significantly lower.

Interesting how it all hangs together, isn’t it?

Barack Obama promised us that energy prices would “skyrocket,” and so they have, thanks to his ceaseless efforts to make them skyrocket. But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?

Sure there is. High energy prices are a major factor in keeping the U.S. economy in the dumps, given that gasoline prices alone are one of the biggest drivers of consumer confidence, for good or ill, and we are in a consumer demand (lack of it, actually) driven recession.

With the economy in the dumps, there is no lack for fresh recruits to the Obama Welfare Army of serfs totally dependent on the state for succor and even survival. And you can bet they’ll vote for the side buttering their bread, just as they did last year when they re-elected the ButterBoy In Chief to a second term.

Further: High energy prices level the playing field between old energy, which used to be cheap, and alternate energy, which is still expensive, but much less so in comparison than it used to be. This “more level” playing field allows the government, and its largesse (otherwise known as “boodle”) to reward friends, punish enemies, and enrich its individual members both financially (there’s that boodle thing again) and professionally, with guaranteed sinecures from grateful beneficiaries after retirement from the rigors of stealing as much as they can governing us for our own good.

And finally, (I confess I hadn’t considered this aspect until now) Obama’s deliberate manipulation of the domestic energy markets provides great benefits to another group of his friends: (Mostly) Arab Muslims, who are making up the domestic shortfall at vastly higher prices than they were able to command when Obama took office. Thus Obama ends up indirectly financing the Muslim terror war against the United States on the backs of the American people, while enriching corrupt oilbags whose stated goals oppose everything the nation Obama leads professes to value.

As I say, funny how it all hangs together, isn’t it? Or, more to the point, as SteveF often remarks, if Obama were openly trying to destroy America, what would he be doing differently?

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  1. I didn’t see this before I posted my take on this above. All of your points are good ones. Still, how does the admin manipulate it so we buy more oil from the Middle East rather than elsewhere. I didn’t think the Federal Government directly bought oil, so the oil companies must be buying it. Aren’t there other sources of oil they could buy from that would be more efficient? I thought we got a lot of oil from Venezuela (well that’s not really ideal either, damn). Still I’m wondering.

    • Basically the oil is going into storage. The ME will be crashing on an inadequacy of funds. Saudi requires $70 to $80 a bbl to keep its population pacified. Iran requires $90 to $100 a bbl.

      With the world awash in oil prices will crash. When? Hard to say. If? Not in doubt. All it takes is one major producer to break ranks. Six months later the ME will explode.

      The Israelis are getting into the oil production game for God’s sake.

      China? They bought in at the peak.

    • M., in an economy that imports two thirds of its oil (13.5 million barrels a day) Cushing’s 40 million bbl storage capacity is almost irrelevant. Your cite slings around numbers on the order of one, two, or a few million bbls, all of which would simply evaporate in just a few days’ imports into the US.

      I like ZH a lot, but there is a reason a lot of their more hysterical predictions have not come to pass. I very much doubt that oil is going to $30/bbl as long as Barack Obama is President.

  2. Good points Bill.

    Interesting that Islamic Jihadis are destabilizing Nigeria, an oil exporter and nominal competitor to Saudi oil.

    Years back Chavez canned all the real oil people in the state owned oil co and installed cronies who did not know what they were doing. Production has been declining there.

    Mexico is running out of reserves plus the economy is strong.

    Plus I wonder if Libyan production is down as well.

    Block a key supply source up north and you have an interesting squeeze play going on. One that forces players to look to the ME to buy oil at relatively high prices.

    Starts to make more sense now.

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