Sometimes, you do get to choose your Family.

I’m speachless…

Any of you that have read my posts know I’m rarely at a loss for words, in fact I find that I tend to get a bit long winded from time to time on subjects that I’m passionate about.

I was totally at a loss for words TWICE today.

A few months back I was out west shooting at what I thought was an old rarely used gravel pit on county land, I’d shot there a few times as there was a fair amount of evidence that others did too: boxes, cans, sadly some glass, etc. While I was putting a few rounds over the Chrony an old farmer in an Ford with a snow plow on the front pulls up, so I stop shooting & talk to him for a few minutes, turns out it’s his property, he just lets the county stage gravel there for county road maintenance. Well at that point I’m figuring I’m about to get run off, but no, he says he was about to post it a while back till he noticed that after each time he saw my Jeep(it’s a bit distinctive being Ex USFS light Green) there was less leftovers than the day before, so I was welcome to shoot as much as I wanted, just not before sunrise “as the missus has trouble sleeping sometimes & I like to let her sleep if she can…”

Go read the rest, but cover your keyboard first, then shut the door and open the Kleenex.

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