A little something in memory of Lee Dorman. — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, talk about a little flashback trippin’….My younger son was a drummer in his high school band, and we ended up getting a deal on a full drum set – he’d expressed an interest in learning how to be a real drummer. I (still) have this album, and after he’d worked for a while with the set, I copied this song off the album onto a cassette and gave it to him. He listened to it several times, then assured me there HAD to be two bass drums going – it was impossible to get that effect with just one. I assured him there was only one, so he kept at it, and finally demonstrated that he could play the whole drum part of this song…without a second bass drum. I was proud of him – he WAS (and still is) a real drummer. (Yeah, my wife and I tried to raise both our boys right. Mostly succeeded, too….)

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