Whew. Just Think How Much Danger We Might Be In If Our Borders Weren’t Protected….

Hezbollah getting passports in Belize to travel from Mexico to U.S. | Creeping Sharia

4. Razur Antonio Elias – Director of the Mexican Drug Observatory indicated in a report that Islamist organizations are linked to Mexican drug traffickers on the Yucatan Peninsula. Traffickers are providing passports, birth certificates, and drivers licenses from Belize. COST REPORTED $25,000.

1. The network is also providing transfers of Hezbollah members with forged paperwork to pass through Mexico to the United States. Merida Mexico appears to be the Nexus of this operation. Read Article

Well, it’s a good thing, then, that our border security is doing everything possible to prevent illegal entry into our country, isn’t it?

Why, almost nobody is able to breach the wall of border security that protects us, and prevents contraband, both human and material (like terror weaponry) from entering. Unless they are either disguised as Mexican peasants wishing to tend rich peoples’ gardens or vote Democrat – or are carefully wrapped in several tons of marijuana or cocaine.

Oh, wait a minute….

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