Rand Paul Misplaces Balls, Principles, and Senate Prerogatives

Rand Pauls Vote for Hagel Because…President Should Get Some “LeeWay,” So Why Vote? | Maggie’s Notebook

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) voted to confirm former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary Defense, and it is a done deal. A done deal not because of Paul specifically as the vote was 58-41. A simple majority was needed to send Hagel to preside over the Pentagon. Paul’s spokesman said he diagrees with Hagel on a “number of issues,” but believes the President “should get some leeway on political appointments.” So why is there a vote.

Paul greatly disappointed me here. Only four GOP Senators voted for Hagel. Why on earth did he decide to be one of them?

As is pointed out, if the President gets an automatic rubber stamp (that’s what “some leeway” means in this context), then why exercise the Senate’s power of advise and consent in the first place?

I suppose there is some sort of political calculus at work here, but sadly, to me, it looks like the same sort of calculus Ruling Party Pols use to justify their betrayals of their most ardent liberty-minded conservative supporters.

Shame on you, Rand Paul. I expected better. No, I expected balls. Did you misplace yours somewhere in the initial stages of your 2016 presidential campaign?

Here’s hoping you rediscover them soon.  

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