Nearly Nude? How Dare They!

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But even then I was still puzzled. According to the story, a local UM fraternity has been suspended because of a party invitation showing the members in “semi-nude” pictures.

The national Pi Kappa Alpha office has indefinitely suspended its University of Michigan chapter after semi-nude photos of fraternity members were leaked online, gaining national attention.

The pictures, which show many Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity members clad in nothing but an American flag, and an accompanying email were sent to U-M sorority Alpha Phi prior to a joint party and eventually posted on

Frankly, I don’t think the fuss is about the so-called “semi-nude” pictures.  I think what’s upset the humorless feminists and their Dean Wormer wannabe toadies is what the kids wrote, which I happen to consider one of the more brilliant pieces of satire and social commentary I have seen in years.

Commies and Fascists are both notoriously puritannical and without humor. American liberal fascists, especially those of the feminazi factions, combine the worst characteristics of both tyrannical and totalitarian mind sets. And they are busily demonstrative over this tempest in a jockstrap.

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