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» Sequester — already the biggest lie of 2013 – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

On the very short drive to work this morning, I heard an interview on local AM 870 radio with the Tompkins County town administrator.

The radio host kept trying to scare everyone about the Sequester cuts, repeatedly asking how it would affect people in Tompkins County.  The administrator couldn’t go there.  The best he could muster was a possible, potential, maybe down the road cut of $40,000 out of $18 million in federal funds Tompkins County receives in one form or another from the federal government.  Much to the obvious disappointment of the radio host, the adminsitrator said there would be no affect on police, fire or other first responders.

But it didn’t stop there, the two of them then went into a series of hypotheticals about what might happen if the Sequester caused the economy to go back into recession, without any analysis of whether such fear was justified.  The two of them then spent several minutes speculating about the effects of a double-dip.

It all was rank fear-mongering.

But it’s important to note how deeply the fear-mongering emanating from the White House has permeated — local radio in upstate New York struggling for some way to scare people about the Sequester.

Given the sort of blogging that I do, I have to listen to news venues, and let me tell you, it’s getting almost impossible to force myself to keep up with it.

All the local news I listen to – even the news on local conservative radio stations (and local TV stations, including the FOX outlet, are utterly and repulsively hopeless) – is nothing more than a never-ending drumbeat of leftist propaganda. The local TV news I’m listening to right now is running anti-gun items at a rate of about 35% of their total reporting. Every third story is either about some sort of shooting, or about Biden and Obama’s gun control push, or of local citizens saying that “ending gun violence” is their most important priority. Mixed in with that is an almost equal amount of hysterical doom and gloom about the “massive” cuts that will result if the Obama sequester is implemented, along with supportive items about how local cities are hard pressed to provide basic police and education services. Never mind that these cities are still able to find hundreds of millions of bucks to pour into the pockets of moochers, looters, drunks, druggies, wreckers, and bums, or into grandiose building and corporate projects that provide tons of boodle for the private pocketbooks of insatiable politicos.

As somebody I linked this morning noted, “They [the state] isns’t even trying to pretend they aren’t thieves any more.” And the press isn’t even trying to pretend they aren’t propaganda hacks for the Marxists of the looter government, either.

UPDATE:  My local fellating tool network just informed me that the Supreme Court has to pay attention to what President Circle Jerky has to say about supporting gay marriage.  No, cupcake, the SCOTUS does not have to “pay attention” to Barky.

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