Obama Doesn’t Want To Take Your Guns? Pull the Other One

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One thing that was glaring at this week’s hearing was how vastly gun safety advocates were outnumbered – by about 50 to 1 – by supporters of the NRA and gun manufacturers committed to preventing any new legislation no matter how reasonable. … 

The Assembly leadership has asked for a better turnout from the gun violence prevention side for the vote on Thursday.

I love how they basically admit that they aren’t at all motivated on their own concerns to attend, it’s simply to follow the instruction of Democratic lawmakers who need to make it appear as though they have support.

Normally, the unions would be quick to organize astroturf flash mobs to fill the vacancy, but that might turn out to be unexpectedly difficult even for them:

Did Union Bosses Lie To Their Members About Obama’s Gun Control Ambitions? | RedState

In 2008, most union bosses had to work hard to convince their union members to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Despite the fact that the Machinists’ union boss Tom Buffenbarger considered Obama a “thespian” and “Janus, the two-faced Roman god of ancient times,” others union bosses like the SEIU’s Andy Stern were wholly on board the Obama bandwagon early on. Another of Obama’s major supporters was the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, who told union members that they were racists if they did not vote for Obama:

There’s not a single, good reason for any worker—especially any union member—to vote against Barack Obama…And, there’s only one really, really bad reason to vote against Barack Obama and that’s because he’s not white.

After Obama’s April 2008 loose-tongue slip about Americans who “cling to guns or religion,” union bosses had to work doubly hard to convince those union members who do, in fact, cling to their guns that Barack Obama wasn’t pro-gun control (despite his record).

Across the country, union bosses fanned out to spread the message: Barack Obama WON’T Take Away Your Gun

Given what is happening all across America, driven by Obama’s inner fascist urge to ban and confiscate all firearms in civilian hands, that particular whopper may be a bit difficult for the union bosses to sell to their members this time around.

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