Boys Will Be Boys

Associated Press

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama was facing the prospect of rattling around the White House without his family during a long weekend, so he arranged a golf outing with some buddies.

In Florida.

He high-tailed it south after a speech Friday in Chicago on building a stronger middle class and he won’t return to Washington until Monday, the Presidents Day federal holiday.

“Rattling around the White House without his family?”  What is he? A teenaged boy left Home Alone?

Never mind….

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Boys Will Be Boys — 3 Comments

  1. I ‘spect Li’l Barky is one of those people who, even as an allegedly-mature adult, doesn’t really see himself as fully, entirely “there” unless there is someone else around in whose approval/worshipful regard he can bask. He seems likely to be unable to be alone, in that respect, for anything like a full weekend.

    (The Secret Service detail would not count in that regard, of course – those folks have to be there, regardless of their personal view on him, and are, I think, supposed to keep a certain “professional distance” anyway)

    Besides – who wants to miss an opportunity for yet another few rounds of cow-pasture pool on the Gubmint’s dime?

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