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The Edition – Anderson High School – Nerf War Guns May be Dangerous for the Participant

Students are currently participating in a nerf gun “war”, although they have been warned repeatedly that they are not allowed on campus.

There are several reasons students should avoid participating in the game at school.  The first and foremost reason is that it can be dangerous.  In several schools nationwide, school campuses have been put on lockdown and had the SWAT team called when they receive notice that a weapon has been seen on campus.

The latest cause celebre among the damp-drawered hysterics of the educrat gun-hating set is a harmless game called “Nerf gun wars.”

A local male feminanny was just on the news decrying an outbreak in the San Ramon high schools. But note the logic in the warning cited above: Nerf wars are “dangerous” because over-reacting school officials are summoning police SWAT teams in response to sightings of these toys. In other words, the danger – and when the deadly clowns of SWAT are involved, the danger becomes quite real – is a danger these morons themselves create.

And what must chap their sensitive asses even more is that the very popularity of these games is proof positive of the failure of their endless efforts to demonize firearms, and brainwash kids into hating and fearing the tools of liberty and equality.

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