Storm? There’s A Storm?

People ‘Panic Shopping’ Ahead Of Storm That Could Dump Up To 3 Feet Of Snow « CBS Connecticut

BOSTON (AP) — A storm poised to dump up to 3 feet of snow from New York City to Boston and beyond beginning Friday could be one for the record books, forecasters warned, as residents scurried to stock up on food and water and road crews readied salt and sand.

Morons. We see this just before every major storm. Apparently as a matter of course people keep nothing at home but a moldy candy bar and a half bottle of flat soda water.

What, do they think Barry Unicorn is going to personally drop off a load of groceries at their front doors?

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  1. Most of them easily have enough supplies to last 3-4 days, they’re hoarding. This sort of thing was illustrated years ago when Johnny Carson made a joke about a (non-existent) toilet paper shortage. People went out and emptied store shelves of toilet paper.

    Manufacturers got frantic calls for new supplies, and cranked up production. By the time it was revealed as a joke, the stores had been restocked and there were no sales – everyone had months of supply. I remember one woman interviewed on TV, who admitted sheepishly that she had over 200 rolls of toilet paper stuffed in cabinets and closets.

    The retailers made money at the expense of future sales, but made it up with other items. TP manufacturers took a big loss, first from cranking up production, then from having depressed sales for months afterward. The culprits were the dumbasses who blew out their household budgets hoarding toilet paper.

    With storms, it’s the same thing: one woman bought a snow shovel, because the ones she had might break, and she bought eight gallons of bottled water, in case the faucets stopped working. I don’t know what’s more amazing: how a few days of inconvenience get turned in their feverish minds into a vision of the apocalypse, or how irrationally they act in preparing for it.

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