Libertarian Lies Of Commission and Omission On Immigration

America Needs More Immigration, Not Less –

Immigrants, unlike children, start working and paying taxes the
moment they set foot on American soil, without requiring expensive schooling and health care. They typically come in their peak working years, when they are young and healthy, and hence contribute to Social Security and Medicare for years before collecting. Even as immigrants bestow this windfall, their energy and inventiveness drive economic vitality and growth.

But the intensifying global demand for young workers will make it far more difficult for America to attract immigrants—especially since economic liberalization has opened many attractive opportunities for them at home.

I never trust anybody opining on immigration when they refuse to make any distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

There is a significant school of thought – not often openly explicated – to the effect that we need to give amnesty to the illegals (and not worry about border security, so we can have millions more of them over the next several years) because we need those warm bodies to keep on propping up our entitlement programs like social security and medicare. Leave aside the odd notion that a Reason writer, presumably libertarian, seems to see maintaining huge entitlement programs as a desirable goal to be achieved….essentially on the backs of imported slave labor.

But in truth, illegal aliens as a group are a net drain on America, and legalizing their status through amnest would increase that drain by almost 200%:

The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget | Center for Immigration Studies

Legalization Would Dramatically Increase Costs. Using the education levels and the share that is Mexican found in Figure 1 and combining them with the results from Table 3, we can then estimate the likely impact of legalization. Table 4 reports the estimated federal taxes paid and services used by legalized illegal alien households assuming they would pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same characteristics. The first simulation assumes that illegals would pay federal taxes and use services like all legal immigrants with the same education level, regardless of when they arrived, while the second simulation assumes that they would have the impact of post-1986 legal non-refugee immigrants. Both simulations show that legalization would increase the net fiscal costs dramatically. Simulation 1 shows that the net fiscal costs to the federal government would increase from $2,736 to $6,022 per household. Simulation 2 shows the net fiscal cost would be even larger, increasing to $7,668 per household.

I would be the last person to argue that we should not overhaul our immigration system entirely so as to admit many more well-educated, well-trained immigrants (and their families) on a permanent basis, while at the same time ending illegal immigration to the maximum extent possible.  In fact, I have advanced that argument consistently as long as this blog has been in business.

But in order to accomplish this, we need to stop the inflow of less valuable immigrants, and regain control of our borders, so that we are actually able to control how we handle immigration, rather than permit illegals to control and dictate our immigration policies to us.

Dahlmia is parroting the Big-L stance on unlimited immigration, while handwaving the actuality of it, in line with the Big-L philosophy of open, or non-existent nation-state borders.

Libertarian perspectives on immigration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In addition it states that a free market requires the free movement of both capital and labor across borders.

In other words, the very thing that defines nation-states – their borders – should not, in the eyes of Big-L Libertarians, be permitted to exist.  Dahlmia is, in a word, dishonest here, not just in his contentions, but in his refusal to acknowledge the many, many problems created for us by mass illegal immigration.  He does it in service to his ideology, the very same ideology that proclaims itself as being so much more pure and honest than those espoused by the traditional left and right.

Which is yet another reason why, as I’ve said so many times before, I am not a Big-L Libertarian, nor am I ever likely to become so.

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Libertarian Lies Of Commission and Omission On Immigration — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve viewed the writers at Reason with suspicion when a large percentage of them supported Barry back in 2008. Not supporting McCain I get, and got. But supporting Obama? Umm, yeah. Libertarian is not the first word that comes to mind. In any event, Reason and the WSJ editorial writers are of the same ilk, falsely conflating legal and illegal immigration, while simultaneously calling opponents of illegal immigration racist. This leads me to two questions:

    1) How nice do their lawns and gardens look?

    2) How much do they pay Juan and his brothers to take care of them?

    One party wants more illegal votes, while the other party wants labor so cheap that the laborers are essentially second class citizens. I swear that a meteor expanding the Potomac basin would be a blessing right now.

  2. If I were an illegal just made legal I would work the same job I had been working with cash off the books wages and then apply for every Fed, State and Local program freebie I could get, since I was officially “unemployed”.

    I was a caddy from 12 – 22 yrs of age and believe you me there were people doing that all the time.

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