Sleazebag Losers Just Want to Feel Special


Instapundit » Blog Archive » REPORT: Congressional Democrats Are Angry at Obama … Again. 

Obama isn’t buying the need to make representatives and senators feel special.”

And that is one of the very few things I can’t fault him on.

Why in the hell do our legislators need to feel special? Are we supposed to worry about the poor dears’ self esteem? How about, instead, these needy mokes make themselves feel special, and supercharge their own feelings of self esteem the old fashioned way: By doing their jobs, and doing them well?

Since when did “feeling special” become a Congressional entitlement?

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Sleazebag Losers Just Want to Feel Special — 3 Comments

  1. Part of the reason why I seldom send any mail (by any method) to “my” or “our” Congressvarmints –

    It’s near-impossible for me to stomach referring to any of the Inside-The-Beltway Banditos as “The Right Honorable” – or even just “The Honorable” – anything whatsoever…since so goddamn few of those clowns are ever either “right” or “honorable” about anything whatsoever…

    I view most of the yo-yos up in Raleigh that those of us in Tarheel Territory have to put up with much the same way – although we’re slowly getting some of that changed for the better.

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