This Rubio Guy Makes No Sense At All

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Tomorrow, Barack Obama will launch his immigration-reform effort with a speech in Las Vegas.  Marco Rubio beats him to it by publishing a column in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal explaining the bipartisan compromise that he helped to shape.  To continue to do nothing in a standoff, Rubio explains, would perpetuate the current de facto “amnesty” that has been in place for years, a fact that should worry both sides of the debate:

Note the flaw in the argument:

“Because we have defacto amnesty, the only thing we can do is make it an actual amnesty.”

Left entirely unsaid, even (especially, because it shatters his argument) is that actual amnesty is not the only option. We could also enforce the law as written, on both illegals and those who employ them, secure the borders, and watch two thirds of the 20 million illegals currently breaking the law here self-deport.

Given historical Hispanic voting patters, the Democrats expect to be able to enlarge their potential voting pool by 13 of the 20 million illegals granted amnesty.

But what in the hell do the Republicans expect to get out of it? Lots of brown backs working two crap jobs in order to support social security benefits for the GOP geezer voters?

Amazingly enough, though, noted sorta-GOP squish David Frum is still waging war against amnesty, all these years later.

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This Rubio Guy Makes No Sense At All — 6 Comments

  1. There’s a pony under all that horse shit. Everyone ‘admits’ that they can’t find the illegals. Hell, they admit that they can’t even count all the illegals. Might even be twenty million of ’em.

    So how in hell will they find three hundred million guns?

  2. Apples and oranges. The Ruling Class doesn’t really want to find the illegal aliens and take them into custody, so finding 20,000,000 or finding one will be impossible.

    The Ruling Class really does want to find all of the guns and take them into custody, so there will be incentives and restrictions and horrific penalties for otherwise honest citizens found to have an unregistered firearm.

  3. There will also be lots and lots of snitch rewards. Think you could ferret out a lot of illegals if you were paying a hundred bucks for each one turned in?

    Hell, make it a grand a head. That’s only twenty billion, total, which is chump change in terms of government spending these days. You could probably lose that much under the sofa cushions of the HSA’s budget.

  4. Everyone ‘admits’ that they can’t find the illegals. Hell, they admit that they can’t even count all the illegals.

    Ah, well, they’re doing it wrong, of course –

    All they’ve gotta do is pull up behind any “day-labor” establishment in any of the 57 states in a slightly-beat-up pickup truck, and they’ll have more “wetbacks” than they can haul away in an eighteen-wheeler box-body.

    Either that, or sit outside the exit gates for the parking lot of any U.S. Place That Makes Products Using Dirty, Disgusting Processes (yes, there are still quite a lot of them, even in this “Post-Industrial” nation of ours), and corral all of the sweatiest, poorest-dressed guys who come through after quitting time.

    Or maybe tool past just about any big farm operation – especially in the South – that still uses “stoop-labor”, while it’s harvest season. (The big fruit groves – such as out in the high-desert irrigated areas outside Phoenix, AZ – for example) You’d be able to fill a whole fleet of those eighteen-wheeler vans…

    Of course, those are the “productive” ones – so…you might get a wee bit of opposition from all those “good citizens” who own and operate all those kind of places –

    You know…the ones who keep working hard, electing and re-electing people like Johnny McStain, who do everything they can to keep all that cheap, easily-exploited labor coming? The same ones who keep on lobbying and agitating just as hard as possible, striving mightily to “create a path to (second-class) citizenship” for all those “undocumented” po’ folks?

    The same ones that keep on buying-and-selling political slime – like snazzy Marco Rubio – that keep on enabling the whole scamnesty flim-flam?

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