That’s What I Was Told, At Least

Panetta: US has to ‘fight back’ against al Qaeda after three Americans killed – The Hill’s DEFCON Hill

The terrorist attack in Algeria that left three Americans and 34 other hostages dead shows that al Qaeda is “committed to creating terror” no matter where its members are located and that America has “got to fight back,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Monday.

Eh? How can this be? I thought Barky destroyed Al Qaeda a good while back.

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That’s What I Was Told, At Least — 2 Comments

  1. Eastasia has been defeated. Eastasia is a formidable enemy.

    Isn’t it disturbing how much 1984 and Atlas Shrugged are turning out to be non-fiction. Also the discussion about drugging today’s youth is bringing up visions of A Clockwork Orange.

    Why do we seem to be using dystopias as our guidebooks?

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