Ayn Rand on the “Imperial” American Military

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Legal immunity? But why would that be an issue in Afghanistan?
Oh, that’s right. Sometimes U.S. troops
behave very badly, indeed
. Of course, most military personnel
are perfectly able to refrain from rape or murder sprees, but that
sort of thing does get the locals upset. And they’re not always
happy with assurances that the offenders’ employers will make
everything all right thousands of miles away, out of view.

In fact, people in Afghanistan may really be getting tired of
our presence. Reports the
Washington Post

Top Afghan officials said Obama’s pledge last week to remove
U.S. troops from Afghan villages should apply to Special Operations
forces charged with training the Afghan Local Police. But U.S.
officials said they assumed that the policy would apply only to
traditional military operations and would include an exemption for
the police trainers, whose mission they see as critical to security
throughout Afghanistan.

Hey, it’s tough out there for an imperial power.

Hey, fuck you, Big-L Libertarian asshole.

The biggest reason I can’t warm up to morons like these is their reflexive anti-Americanism when it comes to our military. I don’t think we should be in Afghanistan, but that is because we don’t have any intention of actually, you know, winning there, and never have. Same with Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the rest of the Muslim terror states that are waging war on us. Libertarians have no sense nor understanding of history. If they think America is an imperial power, all that indicates is their own ignorance.

Ayn Rand on WW II

In “Philosphy: Who Needs It,” a talk addressed to the 1974 West Point graduating class and reprinted in The Ayn Rand Letter (behind schedule, Dec. 31, 1973 & Jan. 14, 1974) she says of U.S. foreign policy:

“[America] has never profited from the two world wars, which she did not initiate, but entered and won.  (It was, incidentally, a foolishly overgenerous policy, which made this country waste her wealth on helping both her allies and her former enemies.)”

Her parenthetical remark is not incidental in absolute importance but rather to the theme of the paragraph from which the above is excerpted:  that the U.S. military is not a tool of imperialism (a theme one might in part disagree with, certainly today).

Yet another reason why, while I remain mostly a Randian Objectivist, I am not a Big-L Libertarian, nor am I likely ever to be.

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