Funny thing happened today. I saw something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

The Lady and I were up in Northern Virginia visiting my mom, and we decided to head into Springfield to hit up a great butcher shop and load up on the good stuff before heading home.

As we were coming out, with The Lady loaded down with bags full of wonderful meat, I noticed a guy coming across the lot towards the shop. I’m still using a cane to get around, and my hair is coming back in salt and pepper. But, anyway.

This guy was a Boy Scout in uniform. An Eagle Scout at that. I smiled and snapped off a Boy Scout salute, and damned if he didn’t snap to attention and return it. Then he insisted on taking the bags that The Lady was carrying down a few rows to the car.

“Thank you, son.”

“You’re welcome, sir. Y’all drive safe and and have a great day.”

I felt the years melt off of me. That was just great. I loved being a Scout.

About Chef Mojo

Chef Mojo is Karl Bock, an actual chef of over 25 years of professional experience. He now specializes in the fine dining interpretation of the Southern cuisine of the United States. He practices his craft at an historic Inn in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is most assuredly a Virginian, and will - as all good and upstanding Virginians will - establish his bona fides upon request. He has a particular love of the food of the Lowcountry of the Carolinas and Georgia, as well as the culture inherent to bringing this cuisine to the table. Because he actually works for a living, he has a low threshold for fools and the ignorant, and will treat them accordingly.


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