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Nation in Distress: Egyptian Pound Plummets | Via Meadia

With their patience already stretched after years of upheaval, Egyptians—from the capital Cairo to smaller towns like Zagazig—appear to be nearing the point where discontent could explode into a new wave of unrest.

“There is no security. There is nothing,” said Soheir Abdel Moneim, a retired school teacher, as she hurried through an open-air market in Zagazig [a city northeast of Cairo] in search of vegetables she could afford.

“The pound is falling. Everything is more expensive. Is there anything that has not become more expensive?” she asked with a shrug, as traders on bicycles loaded with their wares dodged through the chaos of the market.”

Perhaps you could import a few hundred million gallons of corn ethanol from the United States and eat that.

Nation in Distress: Egyptian Pound Plummets | Via Meadia

If Morsi agrees to the tax hikes and spending cuts necessary to secure the loan, it would hit at the subsidies that many Egyptians rely on to survive. Whether this will cause them to take up liberal revolutionary ideals once again or drive them into the arms of the Salafis is anyone’s guess.

What is clear is that Morsi and his government don’t have the answers. The Muslim Brothers have spent most of their short time in government settling old scores and consolidating their grip on power instead of making allies and moving the country forward.

Jihadist Muslims don’t care if the people starve, as long as their power and control is assured. They are busy never letting a crisis go to waste, so don’t bother them.

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