Ban Evil Assault Foods!


Today I learned that my favorite local diner, the Rocky Cola Cafe in Montrose, is closing down.

I’ve been taking the kids to Rocky Cola for spectacularly unhealthy and classically American weekend breakfasts for years. It’s an agreeable arrangement: they greet us by name, the kids have their favorites, they bring me my drink without asking, and I cheerfully, massively overtip. This leads to a feedback loop where they bring the food even faster and I overtip more, towards the theoretical zero-point where they’d be shoving the Kitchen Sink Omelet into my face before I’m all the way out of my car and I just deed my house over to them.

I’m going to have to find somewhere else to pacify children with mountains of hash browns, and make new memories.

I hate to see this sort of thing happen. It may be the “challenging economy” that closed this place down, but a misplaced belief that fat is evil probably didn’t help matters any. This is California, after all.

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