Naked Imperial (Ambition)

Life In The Great Midwest: Your Government Money At Work… On a Sports Car

Also I am still shaking my head that the normally OK WSJ (for main stream media) didn’t see the further lunacy beyond just Fisker’s imminent demise in that it was linked to the troubles of A123 Systems. A Wikipedia search like yours truly could have figured that out.

Back when I took courses on economics and socialism they spoke of the government’s inability to allocate capital as a core problem with top down socialism. This is exhibit A. It is one thing to prop up an already existing business like the auto industry or banks (not always a good idea) which needs restructuring or a short term cash infusion, but starting an integrated value chain industry from scratch is beyond a longshot, it is lunacy.

Heathen wingnut.

Everybody knows that Obama is the genius that can make a Marxist/Socialism command economy flourish. I mean, look at how great we’re doing now!

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