Beggars Are Easier to Bribe

Congressional Democrats: We’re Fine Going Over The Fiscal Cliff and Plunging the Nation Into Recession

The other possibility is that they’re not just posturing and that they do mean it. Charles Krauthammer has been talking about this — the Democrats know that to finance their ever growing welfare state they will have to tax the middle class. What better way to do it than to take us over the fiscal cliff (automatically raising income taxes on the middle class) and simply say “The Republicans did it, they wouldn’t compromise?”

The other part of it, the automatic sequestration part, is likewise something they desire. Deep slashes to the military without having to vote for it? There are also cuts to Medicare, of course, but the Democrats are moving away from the old vote and besides, lots and lots of old people will continue voting for Democrats no matter how much they cut from Medicare (as they proved this last election).

And there’s one more thing: We’re going to have a recession, with the fiscal cliff or without it. It’s better for Obama and the Democrats to have a recession that they can claim “was all because of Republicans” rather than one which is plainly owned by Obama.

All in all, the Democrats have arranged to win on all their spending and taxing objectives, and all they have to do is nothing. They just need to claim “We tried to compromise but the Republicans wouldn’t let us compromise with them.”

I think this is exactly what they are planning to do.

Also, keep in mind: From the Democrat point of view, the more impoverished Americans there are, the more potential democrat voters. They’ve crushed their black supporters, at least from an economic point of view, and the support from black voters came in at 93%. Think the Dem strategists – including Obama – don’t understand that message perfectly well?

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