Taker States

It recently came up in discussion elsewhere that State X is a net taker state in terms of money sent to Washington versus money received from Washington. Thing is, I think that every state is a net taker, thanks to deficit spending. I haven’t been able to find anything resembling reliable numbers on how much money each state sends versus gets – every table or chart I’ve seen is either old or lumps in things like “cost of federal regulation” or whatever. I’m not discounting the disparate effects of regulation on different states, but those numbers are so easily manipulated that the result is just opinion.

Does anyone know of a list of hard numbers for money sent by a state’s people and businesses to the federal government, and another list of all monies received from the feds? Presumably such lists exist but I’m asking the wrong question of the search engines. It needs to be a recent list, to account for the spike in federal spending.

My end goal is to make a sorted list showing that, say, Illinois is at the top of the list in receiving 125% back and Texas is near the bottom in receiving 103%. Or whatever. If I can get the raw data I can crunch the lists easily enough.

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  1. I find the concept rather pointless. The Feds are the Takers!

    Take for example my State. Alaska gets more money from the Feds, than it citizens pay. Okay, does that make us a ‘taker state?’ Not really, we are the victims of federal predation.
    First the Feds own 90% of the state already (okay, I exaggerated it is only 89.22%). The Feds put the Forest Service here to oversee the logging operations. The logging stopped; but the Forest Service has a new mission, shutting down anything having to do with progress in and around the Federal lands.
    Federal regulations before statehood almost destroyed the fishing industry. With statehood, the state took over and has dramatically improved the fish runs. Now, Federal regulations are causing destructions of major mariculture assets.
    The state calls for equal access to all the fish and game resources in the state. The Feds say ‘no.’ Some people are more equal than others. So I can use two hooks to fish for halibut by state law; my neighbor can use 20 by federal law. Guess what, where folks can use 20 hooks the halibut resource is dramatically damaged.
    We have been fighting for oil drilling for over 25 years. But the Feds have stopped it routinely. North Dakota is booming because of oil–but then the Feds don’t own 90% of the state.
    To build a dam to generate electricity takes at least 10 years and federal regulations double the cost, so we run on diesel part of the year.
    I have bald eagles flying around my house every day. Occasionally one of them loses a feather. I have 3 feathers in my garden right now. It is against federal law to pick up one and give it to my grandson.
    The Feds are the Takers!

  2. You might check out http://www2.census.gov/pub/outgoing/govs/special60/ which has raw data. The Tax Foundation report from 2006 that all the liberals are quoting as “proof” that red states are takers (it doesn’t btw – 3 states on the top end are blue and 2 are purple) is at http://taxfoundation.org/sites/taxfoundation.org/files/docs/sr139.pdf

    If you backtrack my email, it’ll take you to my new site where I talk about the various errors that are obvious on the face of things.

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