Bill, has anything changed on DP’s WordPress installation that you know of? Twice today my post has been eaten. I’ve made no recent changes to my browser (FF 16.0.2 on Linux) or plug-ins.

The first time might have been a timeout — it had been a couple hours from the time I opened the Add New Post tab and the time I clicked the Publish button. (Chalk the delay up as one of the joys of fatherhood.) WordPress put up a page with “Are you sure you want to do that?” and when I clicked Try Again (I think it was), it took me back to a blank post-new.php.

The second time, just a few minutes ago, I clicked Publish and got some kind of configuration page. When I clicked Back, I again got a blank post-new.php.

Let me point out that what I was typing was hardly prose that would go down in history. No huge loss for the cultural heritage of the species. Annoying, though.


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