Under the Unemployment Hood

Calculated Risk: September Employment Report: 114,000 Jobs, 7.8% Unemployment Rate

The Labor Force Participation Rate increased slightly to 63.6% in September (blue line. This is the percentage of the working age population in the labor force.

Okay, I can’t make 114k “new” jobs plus an increasing labor force participation add up to a .3 drop in the unemployment rate.

Of course, I’m not a smart statistician working for the Obureau of Lies and Statistics.

And this:

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  1. Note this was the last employment report before the election.

    There were revisions upwards to the prior two months that made this a decent net gain report. However, similiar good but not great gain months with a decreasing participation rate only resulted in a 0.1 move down in the unemployment rate. So your basic premise re how did this middling number with an upward move in the participation rate result in a 0.3 move down in the unemployment rate when in the past it wouldn’t have moved the needle at all? It just don’t add up.

    Must be that New Math.

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