Now see, this is why they need a strong Euro.

Because obviously the exchange rate is allowing an influx of dangerous American cowboy gangsters to roam the French countryside.

Family killed in deadly gun attack.

A four-year-old girl miraculously survived a deadly gun attack in the French Alps that left her father, mother and grandmother dead and her elder sister seriously injured, officials said on Thursday.

The little girl spent eight hours hidden between the bullet-riddled corpses of her mother and grandmother on the backseat of the British-registered family car following a mysterious and brutal shooting on the outskirts of a village on the edges of Lake Annecy.

A second man, believed to be a local who inadvertently cycled into the scene of the attack, was also found shot dead in the tree-lined car park on Wednesday afternoon.

The girl’s elder sister, who was found shot next to the car, was in a stable condition in hospital after being flown by helicopter to the nearby city of Grenoble…

The first police to arrive on the scene did not spot the girl and, with the car being left untouched and the area sealed off pending the arrival of forensic experts, she was left to endure a traumatic ordeal until she was finally discovered around midnight.

“It was only once we had access to the scene of the crime that we found her,” Maillaud said. “The little girl spoke English. She heard noises, shouts but she can’t tell us any more than that. She is only four years old.

I bet it was Georges W Bushes what done it. Nobody has seen him around lately, and it sounds just like what he’d do. Because, you know, cowboy.

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