Mothers. Bless their hearts. The same all over the world.

Ever been watching the news and some particularly vicious crime is being covered and they cut to the accused’s dear old Mom, wailing and rending her garments crying, “Not my baby!”

Looks like it ain’t just a USA thing.

Cholet is charged with the murder of Susanna Zetterberg, a 19-year-old student from Stockholm, who he allegedly picked up in his taxi outside a Paris nightclub in April 2008.

Zetterberg’s partially burnt body was discovered in a forest near Paris the day she went missing. An autopsy showed she had been shot at least four times in the head.

Police traced the crime to Cholet, who was allegedly found with a pistol, handcuffs and other material containing Zetterberg’s DNA in his possession. A plastic bag with her name written on it was also allegedly found.

Cholet, a convicted rapist and armed robber, denies any involvement and claims police fabricated evidence.

Mom knows the truth. Mom knows the truth.

“My son is a good boy, don’t be too hard on him”, Marie-Louise Cholet wrote. “He lets himself get swayed easily …it’s a mother who is writing to you with a lot of pain.”

The Cholets must be transplanted Amis, what with that roscoe and all. Typical cowboy American.

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