Honest Politicians

Schumer, Clinton Earmark Funds For Contributors – December 27, 2005 – The New York Sun – NY Newspaper

WASHINGTON – Senators Clinton and Schumer are asking the Pentagon to spend $123 million of its wartime budget for New York projects that the Department of Defense didn’t ask for – but that in many cases are linked to the senators’ campaign contributors.

The two Democratic senators announced the projects – from a genomics research project at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan to cancer research on Long Island – in press releases this month, touting the impact they would have on the state economy.

Why did I call this post “Honest Politicians?” Easy. Honest politicians stay bought, and here are a couple of good examples of that in action.

I guess I could also have called it “Pair of Pigs,” since I suspect the Porkbusters project might find these two of interest, but those who only read headlines might have found that one misleading. Although I wouldn’t.

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