I Wouldn’t Expect It to Turn Out Any Other Way

‘A Daily Barrage of Sexually Based Comments and Unsuitable Conduct’ : The Other McCain

She claims she complained to superiors in October and was told she had done the right thing by coming forward. But she almost immediately began receiving a cold shoulder from other actors, she claims, and was subjected to retaliatory and confrontational conduct.
Her work declined from five days per week to an average of two days a week, according to the suit, and in late November, Howard says she had a meeting with Warner Bros. attorney Patty Mayer during which she was told the harassment claim had been investigated and the matter was closed. By late April/early May, Howard claims she was no longer being called to work on The Mentalist and was not being offered any other work by GEP.

The question is, why would they retaliate against Howard for reporting her problem with Moore? Do we have the full story here? Was there more to it than this? Either (a) Warner Brothers is in a heap of trouble or (b) the other half of the story is very interesting.

Maybe you haven’t actually worked in Hollywood, RSM, but I have – I’m a produced TV screenwriter.

And I can tell you that Hollywood culture is rife with sexual exploitation. The “casting couch” is as ubiquitous today as it was fifty years ago. Complaints about sexual harassment are taken as assaults on the entire culture. Such complaints threaten everybody’s rice bowls. All that given, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the company itself, after first mounting a phony “investigation” that – mirabile dictu! – cleared it of any wrongdoing, then moved to get rid of what they regarded as the real problem – Shanelle Howard herself.

As for the casting company, it does whatever its real clients, the production companies, tell it to do. In most cases, casting companies don’t even need to be told. Where do you think a lot of those infamous casting couches are actually located? This especially true for operations that essentially supply pretty background meat to the productions – they are free to pick at will from the thousands of good looking wannabe actors who come to Hollywood, certain they will become big stars. And, in fact, a lot of those kids are more than willing to lie down on those couches in exchange for what they believe will be their “big break.”

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