And Majority Leader Paul In the Senate, Too

Doug Ross @ Journal: Curiously Juxtaposed Obamacare Headlines o’ the Day

As Mark Levin noted last night, if we had any House leadership at all, Kathleen Sebelius would be called in front of Congress and the responsible HHS managers charged with illegal campaign contributions to Obama’s reelection effort.

But John Boehner is an intellectual and leadership lightweight. We’ve all had enough with the Repubicans, the wimps and the weaklings, who are more worried about consolidating their own power than saving America.

If we can get a couple o’ dozen more Constitutional conservatives elected in November, I truly believe we can get Michele Bachmann or Allen West installed as Speaker of the House. Just think of it.

And that is a goal I can wholeheartedly support and work toward.

Can you picture “Speaker West” taking it to the liberals and the lefties? Including Mittens Romneycare in the White House?

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