Those IKEA folks, so very stylish, so very socialist.

I went over to look at Mr. Bingley, not having heard from him since he had the skin cancer removed. Nosing about the place (shocking, isn’t it, how folks wander off leaving the place unlocked) I see this…

More details of IKEA’s slave labor deal with Cuba emerge from STASI documents

The controversial contract to use Cuban prison labor to build IKEA furniture was part of a broader deal between firms run by the Cuban and East German security services that also involved Cuban antiques, cigars and guns, according to a researcher in Berlin.

Documents on the deal, found in the archives of East Germany’s notorious STASI security agency, also refer to Cuban prison labor and indicate that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro personally approved the overall deal, said researcher Jorge Luis García.

Garcia told El Nuevo Herald on Wednesday he published an article about the deal in 2006 that mentioned the Cuban manufacture of furniture “for export to Sweden,” and posted a note about it in his blog, STASI-MININT Connection, early last year.

But the deal blossomed into scandal last week after a German newspaper reported that an IKEA subsidiary in Berlin and an East German company had contracted for Cuban prison labor to build 45,000 tables and 4,000 sofa groupings in 1987.

Which will matter not a whit to those who give IKEA their money.


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