Europe: That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

The Other McCain

Can we be brutally honest here? Your typical Republican voter in Iowa or Alabama would probably qualify as “far right” or “fringe” by the descriptive standards the media applies to any European who is anywhere rightward of the most tame British Tory.

Hell’s bells, it would probably be illegal for any French newspaper to publish a Michelle Malkin or Charles Krauthammer column.

Actually, your typical Iowa Republican would probably be called an outright Fascist in Europe, and as for anybody in Alambama – well, they’re all rooting for a repeat of the Holocaust, but this time in America and featuring black people.

Americans, bless their insular, ignorant little hearts, have no understanding of European history, culture, politics, or ideologies, and so take the language they read from Europe on the Internet at face value, and conclude that a resugence of Hitlerian fascism is always lurking just around the corner.

Fascism is lurking in Europe, but it wears a Muslim face. And, of course, that is one bit of news you will never hear from Europe itself. In fact, you’d be called a right-wing fascist nutcase if you did try to say it.

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