Waivering the Flag for Obamacare

Forcing People To Buy Health Insurance Shouldn’t Be Controversial, Says Obama : Stop The ACLU

So, let’s see: Obama’s own outsourced ObamaCare legislation forces insurance companies to take sick people. So, he needs to make sure American’s are forced to purchase health insurance to deal with the situation that his (outsourced) legislation causes.

So why is he handing out waivers like popcorn to all his lefty allies?

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Waivering the Flag for Obamacare — 5 Comments

  1. a) Because he can, and b) because those lefty allies know (whether he does or not) that Obamacare is total, “well-meaning” crap that they demand to be opted-out of.

    Obamacare isn’t really about health insurance anyway, anymore than Hillarycare was – it’s about Big Gubmint control of people and further redistribution of ordinary citizens’ assets and earnings.

    But then, you already knew that, right?…

  2. Because ObamaCare is about destroying the private health care industry. Waivers allow his allies to stand aside and avoid much of the impact as the system craters. They’re also a powerful tool for corruption: pass a destructive law and then make it clear that you can be spared the impact as long as you’re on the ‘right side’ politically.

  3. I think the initial target is the health insurance industry. Once there are no insurance companies writing health insurance, the Feds will “reluctantly but out of dire emergent necessity” become the single payer of last resort.

    If individual mandate goes down before SCOTUS while the rest remains, insurance companies will exit writing health coverage at light speed.

    Following that development, the health care industry itself can be destroyed a la UK.

  4. Can they wave a magic wand and install severability to that bill? I was under the impression since they forgot to add it that taking out the mandate would cause the whole bill to fail and return to congress. If they can wave a magic wand whats the use in severability in the first place.

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