The New Civility: Kidnapping

The PJ Tatler » Reporter imprisoned in closet by Biden staffers at Florida Dem fundraiser

So far, none of the DC papers or TV networks has covered the story, but of course, they are the first to cry in outrage when dictators imprison reporters overseas. What have we become: Cuba, Iran, Libya, or Stalinist Russia, that we would allow such police-state tactics to muzzle the media?

Does the “Free Press” still exist in America? Or are we relegated to the status of a Banana Republic where the media approves anything Team Obama does?

Some people saw this coming when then-Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden exploded and flatly refused to answer the insightful questions of an Orlando television reporter when she asked about Obama’s connections to ACORN, socialism and his “spread the wealth” comments to Joe the Plumber. Since then, Biden’s mandate seems to have changed from refusing to answer embarrassing questions, to imprisoning reporters who might ask them.

I think it’s kidnapping, and I think charges should be filed against everybody involved, or who had knowledge of the act and did not either try to stop it, or did not report it.

As for the editors deciding to drop the story, what is this? CNN and Iraq, where reporters dutifully reported Saddam’s lies, even when they knew they were lies, in order to “maintain access?”

These people are vicious scum. The sooner we throw them out of power entirely, the better. (via Instapundit – thanks!)

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