Keep the Nannies out of our Liquor Cabinets!

Iowa Legislator Seeks to Criminalize Cocktails – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Jacob Sullum at Reason offers us yet another Nanny Statist finding yet another evil from which we all must be protected for our own good: mixing caffeine and alcohol!

The Food and Drug Administration can ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages such as Four Loko, but it cannot stop bartenders from mixing Red Bull with vodka, coffee with Irish whiskey, or cola with rum. Fortunately, Iowa state Sen. Brian Schoenjahn (D-Arlington) has proposed a bill that would close this dangerous gap by making it a misdemeanor for any business with a liquor license to “manufacture for sale, sell, offer or keep for sale, import, distribute, transport, or possess any caffeinated alcoholic beverage.” The bill defines “caffeinated alcoholic beverage” as “any beverage containing more than one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume, including alcoholic liquor, wine, and beer, to which caffeine is added.” Hence it apparently applies not only to drinks with a noticeable caffeine kick but also to coffee-flavored liqueurs with detectable amounts of the stimulant, such as Kahlua or Tia Maria, and any cocktails made with them, such as a Black Russian or a Mudslide. In addition to jail time and fines, violators would face revocation (not just suspension) of their liquor licenses, and therefore loss of their livelihoods—a pretty harsh penalty for following the instructions in a Mr. Boston book.

How did the Republic survive this long without this noble law?

I need a drink. Anyone got a good recipe for Irish Coffee?

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Keep the Nannies out of our Liquor Cabinets! — 10 Comments

  1. Outlaws every mixed drink made with cola too.

    any beverage containing more than one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume,

    Somebody bothers to distribute 1 proof? I pity the Iowa bar owners and operators, cause some fascist is making a list of every common drink ingredient that contains a detectable amount of caffeine.
    I don’t have a recipe for Irish Coffee, but 151 and coke should make a good substitute.
    BTW, I’ve found that a shot of 151 mixed with a shot of lemon juice at bedtime works wonders for a cold.

  2. I whipped up a mug using Bushmill’s Black, Caffe Americain (espresso, diluted with a little water), and some fresh whipped cream. My wife is not a fan of whisky, so hers got a shot of Stoli Vanil instead. Came out nice, but next time I need to unbend the low-carb diet and sweeten it properly.

  3. but if i order an irish whiskey with a cup of coffee back, and mix the two myself, the bartender is off the hook, and i am still happy.
    if four loco repackaged their product as a “binary bomb”, with the alcohol and caffeine in separate containers, they might be able to stay in business, and inside the law, as they are selling the makings for a caffeinated drink, not a caffeinated drink.

  4. Continuing with a theme, if I combine Hookers and Blow because neither contain alcohol, I’m ok. Washington and Wall Street style of course.

    Someone here needs to read “Dealbreaker” daily for laughs.

    (inside joke: UBS sucks. Citi wants to emulate them.)

  5. I figured out what I did wrong. I used my wife’s baking Splenda instead of the packets intended for beverages. I think they use more fillers in the baking variety, in order to make it 1:1 substitutable for real sugar in recipes. The beverage packets are more concentrated.

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