The Religion of War?

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The distinction frequently drawn between Islam, which is said to be moderate and peaceable, and Islamism, which is understood as a perversion of the cardinal tenets of the faith, seems both academic and unhelpful. Dutch politician Geert Wilders has claimed that no distinction exists “between good Islam and bad Islam. There is Islam and that’s it.” Might he be right?

Yes. Read the whole thing. (via YKH – thanks!)

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  1. “…Islamism, which is truthfully understood as a perversion the embodiment of the cardinal tenets of the faith…”

    FIFH – The notion that there is any effective “distinction” possible between Islam and Islamism is simply that – a notion, and a false one. The two are effectively indistinguishable.

    “There must obviously be something inherent in Islam which allows for large numbers of believers to kill and maim without compunction while sacrificing their own lives in the process.”

    Now he’s getting it…only, instead of “allows for”, it’s more like “directs” or “commands”.

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