September 11, 2001: Never Forgive, Never Forget

I post the pic, above, to remind all Americans that individual human beings were slaughtered in terrible fear and agony by Muslim barbarian savages on 9/11. Try to imagine what was in the mind of this man as he decided to jump to his death rather than be seared in the flames. Try to imagine what he thought during those last few moments as he plummeted down.

I will never forgive the religious fanatics, and the religion in which they believed, for this monstrous deed. Nor will I ever forget the fanatics and their religion who carried it out.

I have several times commented here on the magisterial blogging Glenn Reynolds did on the days of this terror. Nobody else in the Blogosphere even came close. In fact, one can even say that Glenn effectively created the Blogosphere as a force over those days. I remain impressed to this day as I re-read the entirely of his commentary written in the white heat of the time.

Today, I picked out three things he posted, two of which time has proved to be entirely correct, and one of which he, through no fault of his own, got wrong:

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It’s Not Just Terrorists Who Take Advantage: Someone will propose new “Antiterrorism” legislation. It will be full of things off of bureaucrats’ wish lists. They will be things that wouldn’t have prevented these attacks even if they had been in place yesterday. Many of them will be civil-liberties disasters. Some of them will actually promote the kind of ill-feeling that breeds terrorism. That’s what happened in 1996. Let’s not let it happen again.

Yes, he got this one right. To this day, the Ruling Class and its government puppets wall us up with new infringements on our liberties, and new chains of law and custom with which to control us. It is all done, of course, to “protect us from terrorists.”

Or as some of the worst have put it, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Only One Antiterrorism Method Works: That’s punishing those behind it. The actual terrorists are hard to reach. But terrorism of this scale is always backed by governments. If they’re punished severely — and that means severely, not a bombed aspirin-factory but something that puts those behind it in the crosshairs — this kind of thing won’t happen again. That was the lesson of the Libyan bombing.

We have never done that. Iran, Syria, North Korea, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the PLA, and several other nations and sub-groups all actively support, arm, train, finance, shelter, and use Islamist terrorists against us all over the world. They do so in the sure knowledge that we will not strike them for it. That is both a pathetic shame, and a travesty of statesmanship, as well as a tragic disregard not just for our own interests, but for the safety and lives of our own fighting men and women. We continue to pay a huge price for this grievous gutlessness to this very day.

VIRGINIA IS MAD. So am I. Hell, so is everyone. And the TV footage of jubilant Palestinians just proves what I’ve always suspected — they just don’t get it. They’ll learn. Oh, how they’ll learn. Even if it turns out that this was done by the Chinese, or disaffected high school students, their jubilation will be long remembered. The American role as “mediator” in the Middle East is over. Since — though they don’t realize it — that’s the only thing that has kept the Palestinians in the game since 1991, their future is likely to be grim, now.

I have not forgotten for one moment that as Americans burned alive in an Islamic terrorist-created hell, Muslims all over the world danced, cheered, and laughed in celebration. And the “moderate” Muslims were almost entirely silent.

I think of this almost every time I am admonished by my Ruling Class “betters” that any pushback against the goals of Islam is nothing but bigotry and racism. I think of that when I see some Islamist jackass being lauded for his decision to build a towering Triumph Mosque on the ashes and bones of those his co-relgionists slaughted on this day nine years ago. And another religious man being vilified for proposing to burn a few books in protest and remembrance of what happened there. (And in answer to those who claim to be repelled by the “optics” of book burning, know that the response would have been the same, both from the barbarian savages who will riot all over the world, and their supporters and enablers here in America, if he’d proposed to burn cartoons of Mohammed instead of holy books).

Here is what I believe: I believe that Islam is, in general, inmical to liberty. I believe that large segments of its believers are hostile to the United States of America and everything we stand for. I believe that cynical governments are using this as a weapon against us, with the collusion of other of our enemies in places like North Korea, Russia, and China.

I believe that we should not give an inch to such forces. I believe we should strike at the governments who use them as hard as we can. I believe we should not make a single change in any aspect of our lives and liberties to accommodate this hostile religion. I believe that if we do, each such accommodation is a victory for the forces of barbarian savagery, and a defeat for Americans and the hard-won liberties they cherish.

I don’t give a damn how Islam feels about any of this. They struck at us. We’ll finish that fight, one day, and one way, or another.

In the meantime, I remain committed to four words about what happened on September 11, 2001: Never forgive! Never forget!

UPDATE: Just a reminder: What it was really like.

UPDATE: Delusion, Examined

Mike posted a series of sharp-eyed analyses, but the cite that impressed me the most was this:

If only the fantasy were true: If only there actually were a dominant, pro-American, echt moderate Islam, an ideology so dedicated to human rights, so sternly set against savagery, that acts of terrorism were, by definition, “un-Islamic activity.” Imagine an Islam that, far from a liability, proved an asset (indeed, an indispensable asset) in combating the threat against us. Imagine that we could accurately call the threat mere “extremism” — no “Islamic” (or even “Islamist”) modifier being necessary because the “extremists” truly were a tiny, aberrant band, fraudulently “hijacking” a great religion.

Such an Islam, over nine long years, would have risen up and made itself heard. It would have identified by name and condemned with moral outrage the imposters purporting to act in its name. It would have honored America’s sacrifice of blood and treasure in the liberation of oppressed Muslim peoples. It would have said “thank you” to our troops. It would have joined America, without ambiguity or hesitation, in crushing terror networks and dismantling the regimes that abet them. It would not have needed trillion-dollar American investments to forge democracies; it would naturally have adopted democracy on its own.

What excruciating truths have we yet failed to grasp on this ninth anniversary of 9/11? The first is that such an Islam does not exist. The second is that, despite this fact, American foreign and domestic policy continues to proceed as though it does exist — and as though it were the only real Islam. That is, nine years after Islamists made their commitment to our destruction as unmistakable as possible, nine years after the non-occurrence of all the wonderful things that would certainly have happened if the Islam of our dreams were the Islam of our reality, our national-security strategy is still steeped in fiction.

Exactly. But read everything he’s got up today.

UPDATE: Letters from the Muslim world

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  1. And in answer to those who claim to be repelled by the “optics” of book burning, know that the response would have been the same, both from the barbarian savages who will riot all over the world, and their supporters and enablers here in America, if he’d proposed to burn cartoons of Mohammed instead of holy books

    Pretty much what I said in my post in the “Not Mythical After All” thread before I read this:

    Burning a Koran is not something far, far more provocative than drawing cartoons of big Mo. Both actions switch on exactly the same directed response with exactly the same, babyish emotions involved, controlled by leaders in mosques.

    Sometimes we think alike. Does that mean we can claim to have great minds?

  2. Also the collusion of our enemies in Washington, Chicago, Raleigh, Sacramento, etc, and yes, saddest and most infamous of all, New York City.

    All the weeping and wailing and rending of hair today just PISSED ME OFF!

    Why aren’t the WTC towers rebuilt yet, just as they were, but one story taller? Why isn’t Mecca a glass plain? Why aren’t ALL the Korans burnt? Because we’re a bunch of pathetic losers, that’s why.

    Not nine years, but less than FOUR years after Pearl Harbor, Tokyo was a blackened cinder, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been nuked. Appropriately. Japan surrendered unconditionally aboard the USS Missouri, in Tokyo Bay.

    More people were killed in the 9/11/01 attacks than in the 12/7/41 attacks. And where are we now, the “Americans” of the 21st century, nine years later? Alternating between kissing the ass of the “imam” who is going to build a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero and haranging one poor “nut” in Florida who has the audacity to actually want to PROTEST instead of just weep and wail.

    It all makes me want to puke. I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans. No, I retract that. I have no fellow Americans. America is dead, at least the America our predecessors fought and died for. We should be weeping and wailing over that, not the 9/11 dead.

    Sorry for the rant but this really pisses me off. It’s one thing to be attacked by an enemy, another entirely to be betrayed by your fellows.

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