Help Stamp Out Copyright Trolls


SECOND NEWSPAPER CHAIN joins copyright trolling operation. I guess people will have to add them to the blocking plugin.

I’ve raided the WEHCO website (a hideously designed mess, by the way), and pulled everything that looks like a link to anything offering content, including their cable companies. Apparently the cable operations have sort of deal with TV Guide to offer some news content, so I also added TV Guide’s url to the blacklist. Can’t be too careful with these copyright trollers, eh?

Anyway, here’s the list: Simply cut and paste it into a separate text file, then import it into your blocking add-on. Since I use Firefox as my browser, I’m using an add-in called Blocksite.


If you have any edits of this list, or additions to it, please post in the comments. Thanks!

UPDATE: The list has been updated per information provided in comments, below.

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Help Stamp Out Copyright Trolls — 14 Comments

  1. FYI: for the import to work you need to have [BlockSite] with the brackets as the first line. If you don’t you will not get any indication the import didn’t work but the sites won’t be added to the list.
    From the authors site:

    The first line in the file you want to import has to be the ‘[BlockSite]’ in order to be read successfully. So your file may look like:


  2. Years ago I heard that people can sue for damages for antitrust and anti-competitive activity. Kinda like a private attorney general. Wonder if defendants could counterclaim on that basis? Last I heard, the statutes were still in place but nobody ever messed with them much. One novel strategy deserves another in response. And I’m pretty sure the folks who are aggregating all these copyright claims know beans about antitrust.

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  5. Good idea. But this action will not help stamp out copyright trolls – on the assumption that these trolls have an objective to reduce the amount of stuff filched off other websites and to increase awareness of copyright, this shows that they work, and will encourage the creation of more such bots.

  6. ciank, I think you’re wrong. For it to work, you have to believe that in an age where the use of fishwrap news delivery systems is rapidly shrinking, and digital delivery is growing, that these morons actually want no other news venues to link them.

    The end result of such a strategy is that almost no one will read them at all – and they will go out of business. That’s a hell of a business model – and it presumes that their product is extremely valuable. It isn’t. In fact, it’s fungible.

    Finally, it is obvious their goal is not to protect their “product” and “raise awareness of copyright.” (Although I wouldn’t mind if more Americans understood how huge corporations and their bribed congresscritters have perverted the entire notion of copyright to the point of madness). Their goal is “legal” extortion, pure and simple.

  7. No, but this includes Stephens and WEHCO:


  8. I’m surprised at the number of cable systems on the list. Many of them are major net service providers, providing broadband and net phone service as well as CATV. Are they circling the wagons to fend off phone-based DSL that’s expanding to TV service?

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