Perqs of the Ruling Class

No-fly zone declared for Chelsea Clinton’s upstate NY wedding; FAA will close local air space RHINEBECK, N.Y.

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding along the Hudson River will be under a no-fly zone.

The Federal Aviation Administration says local airspace will be restricted from 3 p.m. (1900 GMT) Saturday to 3:30 a.m. (0730 GMT) Sunday.

Because after Chelsea Bitch Clinton has been shoving her horse face in the cameras for years, stumping for her mother or whatever stupid cause she’s pushing, she deserves her privacy. Disruptions to the plebs’ lives are simply of no account. After all, now that her parents have bought her a husband, she’d suffer major embarrassment if the suitcase of cash were photographed.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! (Slight correction: This item was posted by Daily Pundit editor SteveF, not by Bill Quick. However, Bill Quick is, as Glenn states, deeply unimpressed with this chunk of indigestible “let them eat cake” served up by the Ruling Class).


Perqs of the Ruling Class — 50 Comments

  1. For her 17th(IIRC) birthday Chelsea and her friends went to NYC to see Rent. The parents went to see Chicago a few blocks away. I lived in the neighborhood then. The Theater District/Times Square was frozen. My little old lady neighbor wasn’t allowed to cross the street to take her groceries home. Thousands of other people couldn’t go about their lives for a while because the princess wanted to see a show.

  2. Remarkably uncivil and ill-bred comments. What has young Ms. Clinton done to deserve the ire and the epithets? If you have a beef with her folks, take them on and stop picking on kids. Or can’t you figure out what to do until Ms. Lohan gets out?

  3. In what might be considered a rare instance of actual intelligent behavior by a Gubmint agency in the face of a Ruling Class “request”, apparently the FAA has decided that Cole Palen’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’s weekend air show is exempt from the “no-fly zone” restrictions…

    Either they’re located outside the radius of restriction – or, possibly, cooler heads decided that 1910 – 1920s biplanes buzzing around a few miles away didn’t really constitute an aerial threat to the Clintoon Clan Clambake nearby.

    Even if some of them were fighter planes and bombers – back around 1914 or so, that is…

  4. @HMI: How about that the ruling class, the Social Elites, needs its privacy if it’s to conduct the business of royalty!

    Somehow, this planned event remind me of a wedding scene from the God Father or the Soprano’s. And, yes, there’ll probably be suitcases full of cash stashed for that possible rainy day.

    Cheers all.

  5. Crikey! I have to agree with #5. I’m no fan of the Clintons, lefties, or the “ruling class,” but this is a remarkably uncivil post. I’d expect to see such rubbish on Daily Kos or one of the other moonbat sites. Very disappointing to see it here on Daily Pundit. What a shame.

  6. If “young Ms. Clinton” didn’t want “ire” and “epithets”, she should have kept to herself the past several years instead of insulting children while on the stump for her mother, and selling details about her $4M wedding to the press.

    ($4M for a wedding for a broad who works for a hedge fund, while she and her parents slag “greedy” “rich Republicans”? All of them can take her $15K cake–no wonder the Obamas weren’t invited, there wouldn’t be any for the other guests after Michelle “consumers shouldn’t be allowed to purchase so many calories” Obama got through with it!–and [unprintable])

  7. Yeah–the no-fly zone is the equivalent of “they complain that they have no bread? Then let them eat cake!” They are truly clueless. It seems that the “best and the brightest” are the worst and the dimmest.

    Down with the political class.

  8. As much as I am not a fan of the Clintons, as a pilot I’m quite sure this was at the request of the Secret Service detail protecting at least one ex-President. These TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) are getting to be pretty common, and that started with 9/11, not the Obamas.

    Keeping the news helicopters away is probably just a welcome side effect. But there are already rules about now close they can fly to an event like that.

    BTW, a lot of folks on the right are whining about the cost of the wedding. I, for one, am glad that $2 million of Bubba’s money will be going back into the productive economy. I only wish it were more.

  9. No, folks on the right are not whining about the money spent on the wedding, Folks on the right are tired of the way the “leadership class” in this country is morphing into something indistinguishable from feudal nobility. While informing us peasants that we need to “sacrifice” for the good of the planet.

    Dear Bill, Hillary, and all the rest of ya: Do whatever the hell you want. Leave me the *^#*&%&! alone to do the same.

  10. Too bad I agree with the politics of a scummy slimy POS that attacks your opponents’ children.

    Too bad I have to share political space with a moronic gutless pussy who gets more upset about violations of politesse than about the egregious acts of the oppressive, liberty-hating Ruling Class.

    Now fuck off, you fuckwitted, fucktarded fuckhole.

  11. @Doug Wright & Heather: I didn’t say you have to like Chelsea Clinton or that her folks have enough pull to ground airplanes from buzzing a wedding. You don’t have to like her politics or what she has lent her voice to. For that, Mr. Quick calls her a bitch and horse faced—stupid and gratuitous insults that he ought to apologize for. Would he/you be complacent about someone who despised Sarah Palin making noises about that hot-to-trot little bitch Bristol and her bastard child? I would hope not. On this one, Quick is dead wrong.

  12. Alright, HMI: Chelsea Clinton is not a horse-faced bitch, she’s a waste of skin entirely in thrall to her rapist daddy and fascist mommy who, if she wasn’t their putative child, would be standing on a street corner in stiletto heels and a pleather micro-skirt, making a living the only way possible for someone as lacking in ability as she.

    Feel better?

  13. Most of these morons like HMI can’t read. I didn’t post that item, SteveF did. That said, I don’t have much use for Chelsea, who has lived off her parents’ Ruling Class connections her entire life.

    And for this whole moronic concern about whether we are polite enough to Chelsea, well, while you jackasses are worrying about that, you’re getting your asses – and your liberties – kicked right to the curb.

    I’ve got no use for you gutless pussies. You wouldn’t recognize a real problem if it bit you in your useless asses.

    @haverwilde: Oh, heavens. Using their own tactics against them. How…ungentlemanly of us.

  14. @BQ: Some moron only latterly made it clear that it was not Bill Quick’s original post. And morons like BQ are, I guess, “quick” to call other people morons (let alone anything else). Beyond that, I was a card-carrying conservative most likely when Quick was still in diapers and still trying to figure out how to spell “gutless pussies.” I clicked over from Instapundit—there will be no need to do so again.

  15. Beyond that, I was a card-carrying conservative most likely when Quick was still in diapers and still trying to figure out how to spell “gutless pussies.”

    I doubt it, you fuckwitted moron. I’m 64 years old. And I’m not a conservative, I’m a libertarian.

    I clicked over from Instapundit—there will be no need to do so again.

    Fine, you young punk. Get the hell off my lawn. You’re much better off somewhere else, masturbating to your copy of God and Man at Yale.

    You gutless pussy.

  16. You know, even when the link doesn’t show up, it’s always easy to tell when we’re getting an Instalanche – it starts to rain fuckwitted, fucktarded fuckholes whose names have never been seen here before.

    Not that I’m not grateful, Glenn! I enjoy fuckwitted, fucktarded fuckholes coming to visit!

  17. Sparkling. Do you think these up yourself?

    Sure. It’s easy. There’s no sense in wasting much in the way of thought on some gutless pussy like you.

    And you know, I can keep right on posting “gutless pussy” as long as you indicate that it irritates you.

    Yeah, that’s exactly how it works. Now bark some more for me….

  18. Odd you should call His Microscopic Intelligence a gutless pussy, given that the last pussy he saw was his mother’s. But then, that was just last week. (I realize that this is a wasted observation as HMI claims to have buggered off. However, as long as I’m on the topic, I’ll note that “buggered off” is a appropriate term given what he and his mother were doing the six nights since he last saw her pussy.)

    As for Chelsea having to resort to hooking if not for parental pull, it’s an idea she should consider. She’s one of the few women whose looks would be improved by crack addiction, irregular meals, and the occasional brutal beating by her pimp.

    Finally, HMI, it’s clear to all that you are too dim to read the byline on the article. Nevertheless, if you were a semi-regular reader rather than a drive-by you’d have been able to identify the author by style — I’m nastier than Bill, you vacuous, sanctimonious cretin.

  19. Another Fuckwitted Heh-minion here.

    I had wondered about the Aerodrome. Now that everything is clear, let’s hope the yapping newshounds have the presence of mind to Rent-A-Jenny for an hour, to snag those candid shots the Enquirer is bidding on. That would be fitting and proper.

    Trouble with most biplanes is, you can’t Eject!Eject!Eject!

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  21. Another Fuckwitted Heh-minion here.

    No, no, comatus, don’t misunderstand. Almost everybody Glenn sends over here is as intelligent, congenial, and liberty-minded as he is. This blog – that is, its editors and commenters – tend to be, um, sharp with the objects of our ire – that is, folks who are willfully obtuse or, worse, willfully leftist and statist. But even these will, generally, be treated with at least a modicum of politeness unless they presume to lecture, condescend to, or attempt to insult us right out of the box.

    Back in the old Usenet days, there was a maxim that you shouldn’t post to a group unless you’d read it a while to learn the lay of the land. This was to avoid inadvertently starting what was called a “flame war,” or a war of insults.

    There were even entire newsgroups called flame groups, where the art of insult was raised to very high levels. Of these groups, the most feared was a group called alt.peeves, a seemingly placid little place that, aroused, devoured the objects of its ire with envious rapidity. There are at least two veterans of dot peeves who hang out here, and others who would have fit in well.

    In short, those who come here looking for trouble soon discover they’ve opened a can of vitriol that soon leaves them pathetically whimpering “ad hominem…insults…blah…blah…I’m leaving, you big meanies.” And much mirth is enjoyed by all.

    HMI was a classic example of the process.

    All of the editors here are skilled practitioners of the dark art of vitriol. And all take a mildly different approach.

    JSB is an aluminum baseball bat with puns written on it.

    nemo is a stiletto.

    Mojo is the all-round utility hitter with razor sharp cleats.

    SteveF is a large, nail-studded club with bits of dried skin and blood clinging to it.

    And I’m just your friendly neighborhood chainsaw, beloved of all.

    But none of this gets rolled out against innocent visitors unless they arrive with a “dismember me” sign pasted to their foreheads, and a mouth writing checks too big for their ass to cash.

    You, on the other hand, seem like a perfectly nice guest, so, welcome!

  22. Damn! Happens every time – I take awhile off to work on the house and business, then the Rumplefuckwits come out to play and I miss the main event…

    …an aluminum baseball bat with puns written on it.

    Maybe not as fearsome a persona as I might like, but I think I like it just the same – high praise in any event, coming from Fearless Leader.

    If they can’t handle pun-ishment from the ol’ ClueBat, then they can F.O.A.D., in spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds, say I…

    SteveF is a large, nail-studded club with bits of dried skin and blood clinging to it.

    The Ideal To Which We Aspire, indeed.

    (Would be kinda nice to see HMI do a return visit when my back’s not turned, though – I’d like to be able to take at least a couple of warm-up swings. Oh, well…)

    …I’m just your friendly neighborhood chainsaw, beloved of all.

    You are, indeed, all of that, Bill, and self-sharpening to boot.

    As to the original subject of this frolic: To the extent (obvious here) that the FAA is subject to the beck and call of that Ruling Class of which we recently speak so much, they are doing both themselves and we Ruled Ones disservice. Would anyone care to speculate as to the likelihood of their responding in like manner to a request for “no-fly skies” above, say, an open-air wedding of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston?…

    I thought not – such inequities of Gubmint-agency behavior are simply more evidence that that Ruling Class I mentioned need some serious near-future setbacks to their Political Action division, at the very least.

    As to the relative applicability of SteveF’s original theme about Li’l Chelsea’s appearance and her draw upon the FAA’s noblesse oblige*: She’s an adult, and has been one for quite some time – though she has long been under heavy influence from the relative status of her parents, she is reputedly fairly bright, and is pretty obviously grooming for an expected role as a member of that Ruling Class referred to. Despite having apparently being unfortunately heir to most of the less attractive physical features of her parents, she has unhesitatingly participated in Das HillaryBeast‘s unsuccessful Run For The Rose Garden in 2007-2008 – and has made herself (or allowed herself to be) a “public figure” in other ways, both before and since. Public figures – especially those who appear to hold themselves well above “the common” – are rightful targets of disparaging remarks, particularly when the remarks appear to be accurate.

    She is, to this day (and despite what cosmetics and other grooming can do), somewhat “horsefaced” – not her fault, particularly, but still…

    She has made herself – or allowed herself to be made (a small difference, that may be…) – a public figure, and appears to take acceptance of that as her due, while uniformly avoiding any direct contact with “the press”. This “political princess” behavior is equally deserving of criticism.

    In the crude elementary-school form, “She acts like her shit don’t stink!”

    In short – she’s an only-marginally-attractive child of political and social “privilege”, and has made herself look like a superficial and supercilious upper-crust trainee for future Political Subdivision membership in that Ruling Class. Resentment – and criticism – is clearly justified.

    The kind of duplicity and arrogance that demands “privacy” for someone who obviously pursues a “public” life is always resented, and should always be criticized. Voluntary public figures should have little expectation – and no command – of privacy.

    *Ever notice how, it seems, the French always have an apt term for the more impolite or aggravating things in life?

  23. I must take exception to one point, J.S.: noblesse oblige means “obligated by one’s nobility”, not “obligated to the nobility”. The FAA’s stance (if crawling on one’s belly can be referred to as a “stance”) would be better termed “subservience” or “servility”. The French, who know all about both acting as arrogant aristocrats when they can and crawling on their bellies when they can’t, undoubtedly have a term for it. Being but one-eighth dog1 myself, however, I don’t know what it might be.

    1One of my great-grandfathers was an Alsatian.

  24. Akatsukami, I admit to some imprecision in writing; make that:

    …the FAA’s groveling to noblesse oblige

    …and all should be well.

    As to the French having the appropriate term for belly-crawling – this shows quite amply that they have a clear understanding of servilite’, and a selection of terms to denote same; this is as it should be – the Anglo-French root, servil, being taken from the original Latin for “slave”.

    Re: The “one-eighth dog” remark – in reality, Alsace was originally German, and Alsatian is a Germanic language – the French more-or-less “absorbed” it, beginning prior to the 17th Century. Interesting bit of history, that…

    genes: If you take a long look at that third pic, the one with parents flanking the bride and the groom to the left of HillaryBeast, you may see some familial resemblances, in various parts – that toothsome smile, however, does have some touch of ol’ Jimmuh about it, though.

    I know it’s rather uncharitable, and I know that, in a sense, All Brides Are Beautiful, but…I couldn’t look at that without thinking, “Another wedding where the groom comes off prettier than the bride…”

    Best of luck to the princess and her prince-consort, though – I think they’re going to need it, especially if Slick Willie’s “poison aura” manifests itself in less-overtly political events.

  25. …the tone of this post and gratuitous insults are neither justified nor acceptable. IMHO


    John: So – precisely what do you propose to do about it?

    Bill and SteveF may actually be engaged elsewhere, just now, doing something substantially more important than responding to your little whine (such as cleaning out bellybutton lint, or counting cracks in the sidewalk, or the like…); therefore, as befits an “…aluminum baseball bat…”, and on behalf of all and sundry here at D.P., allow me to make the most useful and substantive response your drive-by noisemaking deserves –

    EFF.OFF, you pompous, fuckwitted fuckhole git.


  26. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all people who may or may not be named “John” with the initial “B” and say that the commenter going by “John B” in no way represents the rest of us — errr.. I mean the rest of them.

    I will admit to wasting even more space than he did, but really, what was his point? That even though this one family is a bastion of the forces that are ruining this nation, we should all be polite to them? Can’t we all just get along?

    Hell no. Chide, ridicule, and insult. Until they go away and leave us alone.

  27. I don’t think that will work. They’re better than we, remember, and insulting their fetid asses simply shows that the common man is little better than a common swine and must be controlled for his own good.

    Hang, burn, and impale, until the survivors are too afraid not to leave us alone.

    (There’s an applicable quote I read somewhere, ages ago. Something about “politicians obeyed the law because they knew that if they overstepped, those who were not shot would be hanged”. Can’t recall it closely enough to find it.)

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