Mehserle Verdict: Involuntary Manslaughter

This seems like a fair verdict to me. My readers know that I am no reflexive supporter of the police, but I cannot come to any other conclusion than that this was a tragic accident.

The component of involuntary manslaughter as it was communicated to the jury said that if they believed it was an accidental shooting, but that if the accident was caused by negligence so egregious as to be criminal, then they could convict on involuntary manslaughter.

The notions of first or second degree murder were always ridiculous – especially premeditated first degree murder. I didn’t even buy voluntary manslaughter, because it seems perfectly clear to me that Mehserle had no intention whatsoever of shooting or killing that man.

All that said, the current performance of the local media is downright shameful. The naked lust for a riot on display with these slavering mediots is disgusting. I just listened to one “reporter” say, “We haven’t seen any breaking windows or damage…yet.” His disappointment practically throbbed in his voice.

The tenor of the reportage makes it clear that these “journalists” think the verdict was a miscarriage of justice – or at least they agree with those who do think so, because those are the only people they are interviewing and putting on the air.

I hope things remain calm, but with this bloodthirsty media goading the populace as hard as it can, I’ll be surprised if my hopes are realized.

UPDATE: Zombie » Leftist groups plan a riot as Oakland boards up downtown (via Instapundit).

UPDATE: I’ve been listening to further reporting. They are interviewing anybody with an incendiary opinion on the matter, and remaining utterly silent as to any opposing views. Listening to the black “spokesmen” though, it is clear that whenever they demand “justice” from “the system” in this case, what they really want is vengeance.

UPDATE: Oakland shooting verdict sparks riots after Johannes Mehserle dodges murder rap in Oscar Grant death

Angry mobs smashed windows and set small fires in downtown Oakland Thursday night, their rage sparked by a white transit cop’s conviction of a lesser charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in a subway station New Year’s Day 2009.

No, as reported above, the riots were set off by a combination of communist radicals, both black and white, who had been working for weeks to make sure there were riots on the day of the verdict, and the goading propaganda of a bloodthirsty leftist media which desperately wanted, and eventually got, the riot it so deeply desired.

UPDATE: You just know the Obama administration will more than welcome a civil rights lawsuit against Mehserle over this, don’t you? I repeat: Once again, what the rioters and their supporters claim they want – justice – is a far cry from what they really want, which is loot, vengeance, and violence.

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