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Why People Continue To Be Angry About The Crotch Bomber | QandO

Well, let’s review – Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, bought a one-way ticket to the US, using cash and checked no luggage. 8 years ago. So, as Jon Stewart ask recently on the Daily Report, what other than the location of the explosives changed in those 8 years?

I’ll take “The American sheeple have grown even more stupid” for $1000, Bruce.

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  1. Gotta $1 that the next bomber we don’t catch purchases a two way ticket with a credit card and checks luggage.

    Because then the gov’t will say “How were we supposed to know? He checked luggage! THE SYSTEM WORKED!”

    I am still under the impression that the terrorists know the best way to destroy us is from the inside and to do so, they only need to mount a failed attempt every here and there to continue to make our gov’t tighten the screws on freedom even tighter.

  2. The purpose of terror isn’t necessarily to kill people, it is to terrorize. And they have certainly managed to do that.

    What else can you call that fifty percent or so who call for more security, and say they don’t mind being dehumanized in cattle-lines for six, seven, eight hours if it will “keep them safe.”

    That is nothing more than terrorized hysteria talking. In fact, if I had to guess, the terrorists are deliberately committing failures. A major successful attack might galvanize some effective action against their lords, masters, and sponsors.

    Although….probably not.

  3. No, I think you’re right.

    Look at how Britain is faring, and they (the terrorists) have barely fired a shot. Most of Europe is frozen in their own PC fears of saying anything bad about Muslims and the terrorists are using that to their advantage. They’re doing the same thing here.

    They may be avoiding a big attack to not wake the sleeping giant, so to speak. 9/11 did a pretty good job of shaking a bunch of people into action, although that fell off pretty quick when people realized they hated Bush more than Bin Laden and crew. Or, they may realize that they get much more bang for their buck with a few cheap fizzles.

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