Shit Sandwich McCain and the List of Infamy

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As noted over at NRO’s On The News, the Senate has been busy today debating an amendment sponsored by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D., S.D.) and Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) that would enable pharmaceutical drugs to be imported from other countries. (I love this headline: “Dorgan and McCain: Live in Concert! One Day Only!”)

What a scumsack McCain is.

When I enraged the usual suspects with my post “John McCain: The List of Infamy,” explaining why I would not be voting for the man, even against Barack Obama, this was included in my bill of particulars:

1. The McCain-Snowe-Dorgan S. 2328, Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act of 2004.:

This is a scheme cooked up by McCain and two other liberals to permit US drugs exported to Canada to be reimported to the US at the controlled prices Canadians pay for those drugs. The libertarian Cato institute, nominally a fan of free-er trade, hates this idea:

Indeed, the sponsors of this bill have issued statements that indicate that they really do want to force prices toward equality—but equality at levels set by socialized medical systems abroad. Sen. Dorgan writes, for example, “The Pharmaceutical Market Access Act would create a competitive marketplace so that Americans can purchase FDA-approved drugs at the much lower prices available in other countries.”69 Sen. Edward Kennedy, a bill sponsor, echoes that view: “Bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Dorgan, Snowe, McCain, Daschle, myself, and others will, at long last, give American patients a fair deal. . . . It will enable U.S. consumers to buy FDAapproved drugs at the same fair prices as they are sold abroad.”70Taking a swipe at drug companies in the process, Sen. McCain defends securing that result with the measures just noted: “Putting profits before patients, [drug companies] have limited the supply of pharmaceuticals to Canadian pharmacies and wholesalers who export to the United States. . . . . [O]ur bill seeks to close potential loopholes that would allow companies to game the system and unfairly discriminate against pharmacists or wholesalers.”71 And in a frequentlyasked- questions sheet that Sen. Snowe’s office issued when S. 2328 was introduced, the sponsors’ misunderstanding of market principles is clearly indicated: “[This bill] merely extends the benefits of free trade to buyers of prescription drugs. . . . Drug manufacturers today are subverting the free market by charging higher prices to Americans for drugs than they charge to patients in other countries. . . . ”72 If market practices don’t “force” uniform prices, these senators apparently will. But under current conditions, those will not be market prices. Instead, they will be prices set by foreign diktat.

Think about it: “Drug prices set by a foreign diktat…at levels set by socialized medical systems abroad…”

There are more ways to socialize your medicine than you believed, my friend. And John McCain knows all of them. This is nothing more than a back-door method to institute price controls on the drug industry. I can think of no better “prescription” for the destruction of one of the glories of American medicine than that.

So, any shit-sandwich snarfling RINO-bait still reading DP, don’t tell me you’re surprised by any of this.

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