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New Yorkers, too, will be able to rest more easily now that the Obama administration has decided to remove 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terrorist conspirators from the jurisdiction of the military and hand them over to a New York criminal court to be tried. Are you interested in learning how to transform a mass murderer into a totemic hero for America’s enemies the world over? Stayed tuned. President Obama is just about to show you how it is done. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, speaking at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention yesterday, rightly blasted this return to a September 10 mentality that supposes “acts like the first World Trade Center bombing [in 1993], the attacks on our embassies in Africa and other such acts can and should be treated as conventional crimes and tried in conventional courts.” Not only will this disgorge a “cornucopia” of sensitive intelligence information to public scrutiny, but it will also provide other jihadists with a tempting target of opportunity.

Here’s a topic for discussion: The US has dropped charges, or lost cases to acquittal, when it refused to reveal “classified information” demanded by the defense.

Also, courts have refused to convict prisoners who were “abused” in the process of obtaining information – and KSM was admittedly waterboarded over and over, fitting the definition of “torture” in the minds of many legal authorities.

These are just two of the possible avenues that could conceivably lead to KSM walking out of the courtroom a free man.

So tell me: How do you think America will react if Kahlid Sheik Mohammed, the self-admitted mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is actually acquitted?

Or are we so stupid, and so in love with Barack Obama, that there will be no reaction at all?


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  1. How do you think America will react if when Kahlid Sheik Mohammed, the self-admitted mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is actually acquitted?

    Fixed it for you, Bill.

    You forgot that he was not Mirandized before being questioned. That alone merits outright dismissal. At that point, the government gives him the traditional $100, a new suit and a green card sending him on his way to lower Manhattan. With his luck, he’ll hail the Cash Cab.

  2. I don’t think there is any doubt that if KSM, or any of the others are not convicted (i.e. either an acquittal or hung jury), Obama will lose the election, and probably lose the Democratic nomination, even if his opponent is a card board cut-out. Your average voter may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he ain’t that dense.

    Nevertheless, I’d say the chances are 99.9% he’s convicted. The US Attorneys’ conviction rate is very good, and federal courts tend to weed out the loopier jurors.

    I’ll also give the administration some benefit of the doubt that it considered the worst case scenario viz. evidence being suppressed, and still determined it was an air-tight case.

  3. Are you just hand-waving away the torture, Miranda, etc. aspects, Daniel?

    I do not see how KSM can be convicted under the way the US Constitution is currently interpreted. And why on earth should I – or you, for that matter – give this administration the benefit of any doubt?

    Because of its already demonstrated competence?

    Why do you think KSM’s outcome will be any different that this, under our last Democrat President?

    Asia Pacific Project

    After spending the last 278 days confined alone to a cell in New Mexico, Dr. Wen Ho Lee walked out of court a free man Wednesday when federal prosecutors virtually dropped their entire case that the Taiwan-born nuclear scientist endangered nuclear secrets.

    The government’s case began to unravel after prosecutors lost a series of motions and senior FBI agent Robert Messemer admitted that he provided misleading testimony during bail hearings in December. Public sympathy grew for Dr. Lee, who was enduring 23-hour days of solitary confinement.

    …Supporters of Lee said Wednesday that the government dropped its case not only because it lacked evidence to prosecute the scientist, but to avoid revealing documents that detail its methods of investigating Lee — documents that might embarrass the FBI.

  4. Sorry, posted before I was done. Obama for obvious reasons: he will be held personally responsible. There ain’t a bus big enough to have him get out of this one, even when Holder himself gets thrown under it. As to the MSM, they will try to cover for him, and it won’t work. The Great Unwashed isn’t paying any real attention to most of what has the DP readership upset. But every American, save the far-loony Left 20%, is still pissed off over 9/11.

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