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Curious to know what the “shut up and do as your told” crowd thinks of this. Should the woman have just accepted the cell phone ticket and not attempted to prove she didn’t have one? Should she have just accepted the speeding ticket that seemed to be retaliation for proving her innocence with the cell phone? Why should she have to endure the hassle of obtaining the dash video and wasting her time in traffic court to prove her innocence? Was the cop right to taser and arrest her? What should happen to him?

“Shut up and do as you’re told. Or we’ll make you pay, we’ll hurt you.” That pretty much sums up the attitude of too many cops, and too many copsuckers, when it comes to how the serfs citizenry should behave when confronted by any representatives of the police state. (via hpb, thanks!)

UPDATE: How come we never read about any cops being punished for this crap? Anybody got any cites?

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  1. If this cop gets found staked out on an anthill, my only sympathy will lie with any family that he leaves behind.

    How come we never read about any cops being punished for this crap?

    I think that I have a little insight. Perhaps not, but:

    1) There have been many instances when cops have been falsely accused and dragged through the mud, careers and lives ruined.

    2) Based on #1, cops tend to band together against ANY accusation. Unfortunately, this holds true even when the cop is a festering piece of shit like the one in the video above

    3) Based on #2, cops will routinely lie to cover for their brethren. Whistleblowers are routinely vilified and ostricized, which fact makes breaking bad cops nigh impossible.

    Now that video cameras are so ubiquitous, cops who used to lie their way out of shit like this are getting busted, which is way around the wall of brothers that they make against all comers. I think that that’s a good thing. Apparently, the police as a whole do not think so.

    Who do we turn to when those sworn to uphold the law routinely violate it? I don’t know. All I know is that if I were a cop I wouldn’t hesitate to bust some piece of shit who belongs at the business of a police revolver. And I wish that more police officers would realize the grave injury that they are doing to themselves by protecting the pieces of human debris within. I’m pretty sure that public opinion of the police would improve greatly if the cops took steps to clean up their own house. Sadly, they do not appear motivated to do so.

  2. “How come we never read about any cops being punished for this crap? Anybody got any cites? ”

    Because you don’t look. Google on “city settles excessive force” and “cop fired excessive force.” Choose any of the thousands that come up. When those jurisdictions pay out that money, the cop who caused it usually doesn’t last long. Just like everybody, even good cops make bad decisions on occasion, but a chronically bad cop hemorrhages money for the jurisdiction.

    There are some places that are traditionally bad — New Orleans comes to mind. But that’s not a reflection of “conservative” or “liberal” or “libertarian” or “statist.” That’s corruption, pure and simple. And corruption doesn’t care what the Constitution says.

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