Dump Dave Movement Getting Bigger

Olive Garden pulls Letterman ads – Andy Barr – POLITICO.com

In an e-mail to a Letterman critic obtained by POLITICO, a spokeswoman for the Italian restaurant chain wrote that “there will be no more Olive Garden ads scheduled for ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman in this year’s broadcast schedule,” citing the talk show host’s “inappropriate comments.”

“We apologize that Mr. Letterman’s mistake, which was not consistent with our standards and values, left you with a bad impression of Olive Garden,” wrote Sherri Bruen, the company’s guest relations manager.

Excellent. Only three Big Ones left to go.

And I am now officially removing The Olive Garden from my list of sponsors who support a guy who thinks rape and pedophilia involving the 14 years old daughters of GOP candidates is pretty darned funny. Only Mars Candy, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogs remain among the companies who support that guy.

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Dump Dave Movement Getting Bigger — 5 Comments

  1. Remember that Johnson & Johnson isn’t the same as SC Johnson, so it’s still okay to use Johnson’s wax on your floors, Pledge on your furniture, Windex on your windows, Drano on your clogged drains and Glade to cover up the fumes from that stuff.

    Also, Cap’n Crunch is made by Quaker, owned by Pepsi, so you can eat that, even though their berries aren’t real and Cap’n Crunch isn’t a real Cap’n, er, Captain.

    BTW, who’s Don Keedic?

  2. Don Keedic is a well known stage performer. Famous or infamous, you decide. His act has gotten him banned from many venues and threatened with arrest in more, but he’s become a kind of folk hero for those who always wanted to bugger a dead goat in front of an audience.

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