Who Was That Masked (E)Man(uel)?

The American Spectator : Plenty of Rahm at the AIG Table

Neither did Republican input; no Republicans were present in the negotiations in the Speaker’s office. Both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who served as a conference manager on the bill, barred Republicans from the negotiation table.

And, surprisingly, neither was Chris Dodd, who was not one of the three Senate managers for the conference negotiations.

So the mystery remains: who had final sign-off on the Dodd language insertion on AIG’s retention bonuses? One thing seems certain, Rahm Emanuel isn’t talking, and neither are Pelosi or Reid, who were also in the room with Emanuel, Orszag, and Summers when the final language was worked out.

It’s pretty certain that whenever Obama and the Dems need dirty deeds, done dirt cheap, that’s where you’ll find Rahm Emanuel. (via Instapundit).

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